Leaders who love learning and pay the price of greatness;
Leaders who embody a moral foundation of truth, virtue, compassion, courage, and voluntary sacrifice;
Leaders who positively impact their families and the world for good while fulfilling their personal mission.



iFamily Leadership Academy is comprised of many homeschooling families in the southeast Idaho area. We come together one day a week to participate in Mom Schools, which are classes or clubs that a Mom, Dad, or someone else creates to share their passion with the world. We invite you to look around our site, get a feel for who we are, get educated about Leadership Education or TJEd, and fall in love with learning together as a family.

We have some lofty aspirations and are striving to fulfill our Vision and Mission. We invite you to join with us in Growing Scholars!

Meet the current Board of Directors, and take a look at our Bylaws.

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Leadership Education Basics

Thomas Jefferson Education is an education philosophy that builds leaders. It is often referred to as Leadership Education. First of all, TJEd is not really a method, in and of itself. One can use almost any method and still apply TJEd principles, which are grounded in the Seven Keys and the Phases of Learning.

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by;  Kimberly King

After we were all downstairs and set up with something to keep our hands busy, I started the audio book we were listening to. Later, after some begging to keep listening, we started in on history, then science and other subjects. We then broke off and I started working with my girls one-on- one. Things were going great until Emily hit a snag in math. It first started with loud exclamations, “I can’t do it!” and “I don’t understand!” As I tried to figure out where the confusion began, she became more fractious and unhappy, resisting my help-even though she always insisted that I sit with her and do math with her. Today there were tears and general unhappiness. But then, the tears, unhappiness, complaining, grumbling, lack of attention, and tiredness were a constant issue with Emily and over the last couple of years had been getting worse and worse. She was often in a bad mood, feeling miserable and happy to tell us all about it and lashing out at the rest of us.

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