Leaders who love learning and pay the price of greatness;
Leaders who embody a moral foundation of truth, virtue, compassion, courage, and voluntary sacrifice;
Leaders who positively impact their families and the world for good while fulfilling their personal mission.


News Flash!

1. Annual Fall Membership Meeting on August 27th, 10 am to 12 pm

2. First Day of Classes on September 3rd

3.  Cultural Literacy Bee on September 4th


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Leadership Education Basics

Thomas Jefferson Education is an education philosophy that builds leaders. It is often referred to as Leadership Education. First of all, TJEd is not really a method, in and of itself. One can use almost any method and still apply TJEd principles, which are grounded in the Seven Keys and the Phases of Learning.

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Featured Articles

“It’s such a pretty world today. Look at the sunshine, today and every day since I met you…” the music rang through my ears. And so began my life, where the world was mine to touch and discover and feel.The vehicle was life itself…wherever my two little legs took me.

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